Nebraska A.D. Bill Moos will 'look for the very best' in search to replace Darin Erstad

LINCOLN — Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos will look for somebody with head coaching experience to replace Darin Erstad, who stepped down Monday after eight seasons.

"You don't come here to go get another job, you come here because this is the better job," Moos said on the Sports Nightly radio show. "We have everything in place to be extremely successful in baseball and we'll go out and look for the very best and test the market."

And whoever lands the job, Moos said, will take over a strong program that reached four NCAA tournaments in the last eight seasons. Moos said NU had good players and facilities and a "passionate fan base" for a new coach to enjoy, including nutrition, strength and academic programs.

Moos was surprised by Erstad's resignation. He believes Erstad "had been thinking about it for some time" but didn't want to leave after a bad season, like in 2018 when NU missed the Big Ten tournament.

"He wouldn't leave after a downer like that, but he had a good year (in 2019)," Moos said. "We pulled out of a slump."

Moos was referencing series wins over Arizona State and Michigan to close out the regular season and a trip to the Big Ten tournament title game. NU got into an NCAA regional, beat Connecticut and then lost a ninth-inning lead to Oklahoma State. The Huskers were then eliminated after a loss to UConn on Sunday.

"I still think this was a successful season, and I think he did, too, and wanted to leave on a good note," Moos said.

Erstad should "hold his head up high," Moos said, for his performance, producing "the kind of résumé I'm looking for in all of our sports programs."

"There's no greater Husker," Moos said. "I don't care whose name you bring up. He's as good as there is."

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