Chatelain: The Huskers have played in the two greatest college football games of all-time

Husker fans may desire their glorious past, but they won’t have to look far to find it today.

ESPN released Monday morning its top 150 college football games of all-time, and the Huskers couldn’t be any more prominent.

No. 1: Nebraska-Oklahoma, 1971. The Game of the Century.

No. 2: Nebraska-Miami, 1984 Orange Bowl.

Seven additional Nebraska games made the top 150:

No. 23: Penn State 1982

No. 44: Florida State 1994 Orange Bowl

No. 66: Texas 2009 Big 12 title game

No. 69: Missouri 1997

No. 105: Kansas State 1998

No. 130: Colorado 1989

No. 135: Minnesota 1936 (Ahh yes, who could forget?)

Of course, there’s a little irony to Nebraska’s nine appearances in the top 150. The Huskers lost all but two of these classics: Oklahoma ’71 and Missouri ’97. Still, participating in 6% of the best games ever is a high compliment to Nebraska’s tradition. Especially being part of No. 1 and No. 2.

It’s especially incredible how well The Game of the Century has aged. ESPN created a panel of 150 judges — coaches, media, sports information directors, etc.

For the top six games ever, ESPN teamed with Marvel to make comic book covers. They’re snazzy.

All credit to ESPN for organizing this massive project. But it wouldn’t be any fun without an argument, right? There’s one game that absolutely got snubbed from the top 10. One of the three best games I’ve ever seen:

The 2007 Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma.

You can certainly find games with bigger stakes. But you won’t find games with more elements of a great drama. The final minute, featuring three Boise State trick plays!, remains stunning 13 years later.

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