Scott Frost and players take blame for 'stupid stuff' in 'extremely frustrating' loss to Purdue

Nebraska coach Scott Frost stood under a 100-foot light pole. It was the only thing not moving in the whipping wind after NU's 31-27 loss at Purdue.

Reporters leaned in to hear the head coach, whose low voice barely rose above the noise of the wind and the last remnants of Purdue's celebration. His team has lost three straight — to Minnesota, Indiana and Purdue — and four of the last five.

"The last two games are games we easily could have won, and didn't, for a lot of reasons, and there's stuff we all can do better," Frost said. "The guys are hurting right now."

Frost said NU "gave too many chances away" in the game, and it's "on all of us to figure out how not to do that."

"The defense played great and gave us a bunch of opportunities in the first half to take control of the game, and then I don't think it would have came down to what it came down to," Frost said.

NU should have been ahead "by quite a bit" by halftime. Instead, NU trailed 14-10.

Frost said he needs to watch film to determine how well quarterback Adrian Martinez played, though he conceded Martinez "missed some things."

Ultimately, Frost said, "the coaches and I have to do a better job of continuing to put our guys the best possible situations that we can."

Martinez took the blame for missed reads and throws.

"There's no excuse," Martinez said.

Defensive end Ben Stille said "stupid" errors are costing the Huskers late in games.

"It's about a 365-day-a-year job," Stille said. "You work for this your whole year, and to be losing over stupid stuff, yeah, it's extremely frustrating. You put four years of your life into it and for it to come down to stupid stuff, people not doing their jobs — little things, tackling, things we know how to do — it's obviously extremely frustrating."

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