'We gotta tell the truth': Ex-Huskers texted each other about sexual encounter with woman

Two former Husker players now charged with first-degree sexual assault texted each other about telling the truth about their sexual encounter with a woman, according to a court document.

Katerian LeGrone, 19, and Andre Hunt, 20, are accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman at their Lincoln apartment Aug. 25.

In a search of their cellphones, Lincoln police found texts between the roommates about coming clean.

"We gotta tell the truth bruh they gonna find out it you had sex wit her," Hunt texted LeGrone, according to an affidavit.

"No bruh," LeGrone responded. "They not gone find out don't panic bruh just chill."

LeGrone convinced Hunt to stay with their original story, authorities said.

Both LeGrone and Hunt told police the interaction with the woman was consensual.

Investigators also found Internet searches on Katerian LeGrone's phone seeking information about "lying on statement of sexual assault" and "how is saliva detected during sexual assault."

The woman went to a hospital within two hours of the alleged rape to file a report.

She told police she went to Hunt and LeGrone's apartment after talking to Hunt over social media. Hunt "immediately" walked her to the bedroom, and they talked for 15 minutes before Hunt began to make sexual advances toward her, according to the affidavit.

Hunt asked for oral sex, physically guided her head to his penis with his hands and the woman "felt pressured to do so," according to the affidavit. Then Hunt removed the woman's pants and put her chest on the bed and stood behind her and began to have sex with her.

As that proceeded, the woman "locked eyes" with someone standing in Hunt's bedroom doorway, the affidavit said. Hunt gathered blankets to block her vision and held her head down.

She heard someone walk in and was able to turn her head to see a man later identified as LeGrone standing near Hunt. She said they put blankets on her head and held her head down while she felt a "switch" and that LeGrone was now having sex with her, the affidavit said.

She then felt LeGrone stop and Hunt start again, while LeGrone stayed in the bedroom. She later noticed LeGrone then left the bedroom while Hunt continued to have sex with her.

"... although she felt pressured and uncomfortable performing fellatio and having penile-vaginal sexual intercourse with Hunt, at no point did she consent to having any form of sexual relations with a second unknown person she later identified as being Katerian LeGrone," the affidavit said. "(The woman) said she did not verbally or physically resist Hunt and LeGrone out of fear of what they could do to her if she said something or if she began to cry."

Lincoln police spoke to Hunt and LeGrone at 2 a.m. the next day. Both said that only Hunt had sex with the woman and both consented to give DNA samples.

Later that day, LeGrone contacted police because he wanted to say more.

In separate interviews, Hunt and LeGrone both contradicted their initial statement, saying LeGrone overheard Hunt and the woman having sex, asked to join and the woman said yes. They said everything was consensual.

Lincoln attorney Carlos Monzon, who represents Hunt, has said that the woman had exchanged social media messages with his client discussing sex and that later, after having sex, “screamed rape.”

The woman filed a Title IX complaint with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Title IX investigators found in December that "a greater weight of the evidence" supported that the two men "engaged in sexual assault and sexual harassment, in violation of university sexual misconduct policies," according to a report obtained by ESPN.

For the Title IX investigation, Hunt said LeGrone "never asked to join" and "did not ask (the woman) to have sex," according to the affidavit. Hunt also said LeGrone told him what to say in the two statements to police.

DNA testing revealed that Hunt and LeGrone could not be excluded from a mixture of two male DNA profiles found on the woman's underwear.

Since the Title IX investigation surfaced, more women have filed reports with the Lincoln Police Department accusing Hunt and LeGrone of additional crimes. The World-Herald obtained reports from Lincoln police that linked the pair to six more reports.

In the affidavit filed Wednesday, Lincoln police confirmed that they are actively investigating other allegations of sexual assaults from other people.

The men were arrested Dec. 10 in connection with the sexual assault and appeared in court Dec. 11. They have posted bail and were scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning.

Both men were suspended indefinitely days before the start of the 2019 football season and never played for the Huskers last season. No reason was given at the time of the suspensions, but Nebraska coach Scott Frost defended the program’s handling of the situation.

“The minute we were made aware of any accusation, we funneled it to the person we are supposed to funnel Title IX issues to immediately, suspended them indefinitely from the team and removed them from all football activities,” Frost said Dec. 18. “And then we let Title IX and the authorities do their job.”

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