Nebraska names Husker Power 50-Year Team honoring strength and conditioning program's milestone

It's been 50 years of Husker Power, and the Nebraska athletic department is marking that milestone by celebrating its stars of the weight room.

NU on Thursday announced the Husker Power 50-Year Team, a collection of 28 student-athletes who embody the storied strength and conditioning program. It includes 10 football players and two players from each of the 18 other sports. There were also 20 nominees from football and two more from each of the other sports. The full team will be honored during a private event on Aug. 30.

Boyd Epley — who invented Husker Power and is now the assistant athletic director for strength and conditioning — led a committee that selected each representative on the commemorative team. The committee considered All-America status, world records, Olympic champions, performance in the weight room and general overall talent in making selections.

“Basically we’re just trying to have some fun and reflect on what a great history Nebraska has in strength and conditioning,” Epley said in a press release.

Husker Power 50-Year Team

Alex Gordon, baseball

Shannon Pluhowsky, bowling

Rachel Martin, rifle

Karen Jennings, women’s basketball

Eric Piatkowski, men’s basketball

Penny Heyns, swimming and diving

Sarah Sasse, women’s golf

Steve Friesen, men’s golf

Shelly Bartlett, women’s gymnastics

Jim Hartung, men’s gymnastics

Aubrei Corder, soccer

Lori Sippel, softball

Merlene Ottey, women’s track and field

Kevin Coleman, men’s track and field

Ann Swanson, women’s tennis

Steven Jung, men’s tennis

Laura (Pilakowski) Buttermore, volleyball

Jordan Burroughs, wrestling

Tom Osborne, head coach

Football Husker Power 50-Year Team

Jimmy Williams, defensive end

Neil Smith, defensive line

Rich Glover, middle guard

Barrett Ruud, linebacker

Curtis Cotton, defensive back

Mike Rozier, offensive back

Johnny Rodgers, receiver

Will Shields, offensive line

Dave Rimington, center

Scott Frost, quarterback

Other nominees

Darin Erstad and Ken Harvey, baseball; Julia Bond and Melanie Crawford, bowling; Hannah Virga and Alex Lorentz, rifle; Jordan Hooper and Amy Williams, women’s basketball; Tom Wald and Larry Florence, men’s basketball; Erin Oeltjen and Anna Filipcic, swimming and diving; Allison Stewart and Joanne Brooks, women’s golf; Peggy Liddick and Michelle Bryant, women’s gymnastics; Phil Cahoy and Pete Studinsky, men’s gymnastics; Sharolta Nonen and Christine Latham, soccer; Marjani Knighten and Peaches James, softball; Melissa Price and Doreen Heldt, women’s track and field; Nick Percy and Ron Childs, men’s track and field; Stacey Tomkiewicz and Mary Weatherholt, women’s tennis; Fungai Tongoona and Christopher Aumueller, men’s tennis; Jordan Larson and Christina Houghtelling, volleyball; Tolly Thompson and Craig Brester, wrestling; John Cook and Francis Allen, head coaches.

Other football nominees

Willie Harper and Kyle Vanden Bosch, defensive end; Ndamukong Suh and Rod Horn, defensive line; Danny Noonan and Kerry Weinmaster, middle guard; Jerry Murtaugh and Lavonte David, linebacker; Russell Gary and Mike Brown, defensive back; Jeff Kinney and Ameer Abdullah, offensive back; Irving Fryar and Jordan Westerkamp, receiver; Aaron Taylor and Kelvin Clark, offensive line; Rik Bonness and Tom Davis, center; Eric Crouch and Tommie Frazier, quarterback.

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