Four qualify for USA Shooting Junior Olympic Championships

Gavin Carrizales loads another pellet into his air rifle on Saturday, Jan. 18 in Mitchell during the Nebraska USA Shoting Junior Olympic Championships.

MITCHELL — Gavin Carrizales, Shelby Carr, Matthew Dailey and Gracie Hoyt all claimed state championships at the Nebraska State USA Shooting Junior Olympic Championships in Mitchell on Saturday, Jan. 18.

The event winners qualify for the USA Shooting Junior Olympic Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Carrizales, of Scottsbluff, won the state championship in the 10-meter Air Rifle event with a score of 551.18.

“I thought I shot pretty good considering it’s my first meet with precision,” Carrizales said. “This is my first meet with the suit.”

Carrizales said the shooting suit was heavy and adds about 13 points to your score.

“It’s exciting,” Carrizales. “In practice, I’m competing against myself. In meets, I’m also competing against myself, but I also want to see how I do against others.”

Carr finished second with a score of 548.10 and Austin Rahmig took third at 542.11.

“I shot pretty good, I thought,” Rahmig. “I had a few shots that were off.”

Rahmig said he is hoping to still earn a spot in the National Junior Olympic Championships, after getting a spot in the tournament last year. At last year’s competition, he shot what was his personal best score at the time, he said.

Danika Bohl ended fourth with a score of 497.8.

“I think I shot pretty well,” Bohl said.

Although, she didn’t earn a bid to the Junior Olympic Championships in Colorado Springs, her goal is to earn a bid during the season.

Bohl, 14, said she has been shooting since she was eight. She likes the fact that shooting is an individual sport, rather than a team one.

“It’s a solitary sport, so you don’t have to worry about anybody but yourself,” she said. “Our coach is always saying the only score you have to beat is your own.”

Carr, of Alliance, took the top spot in the 50-feet Smallbore Rifle competition, scoring a 529. Rahmig finished second with a score of 512. Carrizales was third at 489.

Gracie Hoyt shot a 586.39 to qualify for the Junior Olympics Championships Paralympic tournament.

Hoyt, who was born without arms, is one of the top junior shooters in the nation, Match Director Mike Chrisman said.

Matthew Daily claimed first place in the 10-meter Air Pistol competition with a score of 507.5. Isabell Hoyt finished second in the air pistol event with a score of 478.1. Preston Lenoir ended third at 280.

10-Meter Air Rifle

1, Gavin Carrizales, 551.18; 2, Shelby Carr, 548.10; 3, Austin Rahmig, 542.11; 4, Danika Bohl, 497.8; 5, Laney Bohl, 472.5; 6, Ashley Carr, 455.5.

10-Meter Air Pistol

1, Matthew Dailey, 507.5; 2, Isabell Hoyt, 47.1; 3, Preston Lenoir 280.0; 4, Taelar Logan, 211.0; 5, Faith Perry, 203; 6, Kate Lerwick, 180.

Paralympics 10-Meter Air Rifle

Gracie Hoyt, 586.39.

50-Feet Smallbore Rifle

1, Shelby Carr, 529; 2, Austin Rahmig, 512; 3, Gavin Carrizales, 489; 4, Wyatt Hebbert, 481; 5, Danika Bohl, 413; 6, Laney Bohl, 387.

Jeff Van Patten is the sports editor of the Star-Herald. Jeff can be reached by calling 308-632-9050 or emailing

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