Regional Senior Legion Baseball Leaders


Batting Average

Player, Team Avg.

Paul Panduro, WESTCO .440

Jake Wallesen, Bridgeport .390

JJ Garza, Alliance .390

Kort Dye, Bridgeport .381

Peyton Pinedo, Alliance .380

Alex Barnette, Bridgeport .375

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance .372

Harold Baez, WESTCO .363

Devin Garcia, Alliance .361

Jace Heimerman, WESTCO .348



Player, Team Hits

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 62

Harold Baez, WESTCO 49

JJ Garza, Alliance 48

Creighton Dike, WESTCO 46

Tate Carson, WESTCO 46

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance 45

Jack Jones, WESTCO 44

Quinton Janecek, Gering 43

Jace Heimerman, WESTCO 40

Riley Schananamn, Gering 39

Devin Garcia, Alliance 39


Runs Scored

Player, Team Runs

Jack Jones, WESTCO 49

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 46

Quinton Janecek, Gering 43

Harold Baez, WESTCO 40

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance 36

Riley Schanaman, Gering 35

JJ Garza, Alliance 34

Tate Carson, WESTCO 33

Creighton Dike, WESTCO 31

Jack Franklin, Gering 30


Runs Batted In

Player, Team RBI

Tate Carson, WESTCO 39

Jack Jones, WESTCO 30

Quinton Janecek, Gering 30

JJ Garza, Alliance 28

Creighton Dike WESTCO 26

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance 26

EJ Gomez, Alliance 26

Riley Schanaman, Gering 25

Caeson Clarke, Alliance 25

Jerod Balthazor, Gering 24

Riley Gaudreault, Gering 24

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 24

Trevor Dubray, Alliance 24

Harold Baez, WESTCO 24

Jace Heimerman, WESTCO 24


Home Runs

Player, Team HR

Jack Jones, WESTCO 6

Ezray Ray, Alliance 4

Tate Carson, WESTCO 2

Victor Hinojosa, Alliance 2

Creighton Dike, WESTCO 1

Harold Baez, WESTCO 1

Hunter McCollum, WESTCO 1

EJ Gomez, Alliance 1

K.J. Hartline, WESTCO 1

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 1

JJ Garza, Alliance 1

Riley Schanaman, Gering 1



Player, Team 3B

Quinton Janecek, Gering 8

Creighton Dike WESTCO 4

Ezray Ray, Alliance 3

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 3

Harold Baez, WESTCO 2

EJ Gomez, Alliance 2

Tate Carson, WESTCO 2

JJ Garza, Alliance 2

Riley Gaudreault, Gering 2

Peyton Pinedo, Alliance 2

Victor Hinojosa, Alliance 2



Player, Team 2B

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 16

Jack Jones, WESTCO 15

Harold Baez, WESTCO 14

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance 10

Creighton Dike, WESTCO 10

EJ Gomez, Alliance 9

Riley Gaudreault, Gering 8

JJ Garza, Alliance 8

Quinton Janecek, Gering 7

Joel Baker, Alliance 7

Devin Garcia, Alliance 7



Player, Team BB

Jack Jones, WESTCO 25

Anthony Walker, Gering 21

JJ Garza, Alliance 19

Justin Scott, Gering 18

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 17

Ezray Ray, Alliance 17

Harold Baez, WESTCO 16

EJ Gomez, Alliance 16

Riley Schanaman, Gering 15

Quinton Janecek, Gering 13

Creighton Dike, WESTCO 13

Tate Carson, WESTCO 13


Stolen Bases

Player, Team SB

Quinton Janecek, Gering 24

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance 23

Riley Schanaman, Gering 22

Harold Baez, WESTCO 21

Tommy Elwanger, Sidney 19

Jack Jones, WESTCO 16

Riley Gaudreault, Gering 16

Brady Radzymski, Gering 15

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 15

Kyler Lenzen, Sidney 15




Player, Team Total

Hunter McCollum, WESTCO 7

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance 7

Jack Franklin, Gering 7

Jerod Balthazor, Gering 7

JJ Garza, Alliance 7

Tate Carson, WESTCO 7

Chase King, Alliance 6

Harold Baez, WESTCO 6

Trevor Dubray, Alliance 5

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 5


Earned Run Average

Player, Team ERA

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance 1.00

JJ Garza, Alliance 1.07

Kirk Sanders, Alliance 1.52

Jerod Balthazor, Gering 1.68

Harold Baez, WESTCO 1.69

Jack Franklin, Gering 1.87

Riley Schanaman, Gering 2.29

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 2.42

Jackson Witt, Sidney 2.94

Grant Campbell, Sidney 3.23



Player, Team Total

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 83

Trevor Dubray, Alliance 77

Harold Baez, WESTCO 69

Jack Franklin, Gering 61

JJ Garza, Alliance 57

Jerod Balthazor, Gering 43

Peyton Pinedo, Alliance 40

Tate Carson, WESTCO 38

Justin Scott, Gering 36

Creighton Dike, WESTCO 35

Brandon Neiger, Bridgeport 35


Innings Pitched

Player, Team IP

Harold Baez, WESTCO 58.0

Paul Panduro, WESTCO 52.0

Creighton Dike, WESTCO 51.0

Trevor Dubray, Alliance 50.2

Collin Schrawyer, Alliance 49.0

Jack Franklin, Gering 48.2

Justin Scott, Gering 48.2

Chase King, Alliance 47.2

Peyton Pinedo, Alliance 46.1

Tate Carson, WESTCO 46.0

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