Krabbe wins 3rd Robidoux Quick and Dirty

Josh Krabbe leads a pack of cyclists down County Road W in Scotts Bluff County during the Robidoux Quick and Dirty Gravel Bike Race Saturday. Krabbe, of Ft. Collins, Colorado, won his third straight bike race in the 75-mile gravel road race. 

Joshua Krabbe captured his third straight Robidoux Quick and Dirty Gravel Road Race Saturday.

There were 155 riders that started the race. Besides the 75-mile race that started at Five Rocks Amphitheater and traveled east to Wrights Gap road and west to Stegall Road going through Carter Canyon and then back behind the monument. There was also a 28-mile recreational ride for riders that enjoy as well.

Krabbe, of Ft. Collins, Colorado, won the 75-mile race in a time of 4 hours, 31 minutes, and 15.9 seconds. Krabbe won the 2016 and 2017 races while the 2018 race was cancelled because of flooding issues.

Krabbe’s winning time was two minutes faster than second-lace finisher Colin Daniels of , Boulder, Colorado. Daniels finished the race in 4:33.18.9, while third went to Dan Porter of Ft. Collins, Colorado, in a time of 4:35.49.6.

The top female rider was Kristina Vrouwenvelder of Louisville, Colorado, who won the women’s division in 4:59.25.3, won the title easily. Janna Dickerson of Ft. Collins, Colorado, finished second in the female division with a time of 5:48.40.0 while Emily Houtchins of Lakewood, Colorado, took third in 5:53.37.3.

Matt Hutt, one of the organizers of the race, said it turned out to be a nice day for the race.

“The weather was really unstable race morning. It was 51° and raining an hour before the race, but the clouds parted and it warmed rapidly through the day,” he said. “Roads were muddy for the first two miles but mostly thereafter fast and dry. The County roads department did an amazing job of keeping up with the weather.”

Hutt said the race was more than a race, but a chance to see the countryside of western Nebraska.

“The course was a hit again for participants,” he said. “People really enjoy the gravel roads out here, and of course with all the rain, everything was so green. A great time was had by all.”

Money prizes were awarded for the top three overall in the male and female division. There were also winners in the different age brackets.

Division winners

Female 19-30 – 1, Kristina Vrouwenvelder, 4:59.25.3; 2, Janna Dickerson, 5:48.48.0.

Female 31-40 – 1, Emily Houtchens, 5:53.273; 2, Leah Kleager, 6:04.12.1; 3, Mickie Fries, 6:56.49.8.

Female 41-50 – 1, Lori Merritt, 5:58.08.1; 2, Mitzi Klimek, 6:30.47.4.

Female 51-60 – 1, Sarah Marcikorus, 6:48.33.1; 2, Linda Cannell, 7:48.47.7; 3, Lisa Butler, 8:11.41.3.

Female 61-70 – 1, Karen Janikevicius, 9:24.29.3.

Male 19-30 – 1, Alex Johnson, 4:39.07.7. 2, William Gavato, 4:48.58.1; 3, Bryan Kob, 4:51.40.9.

Male 31-40 – 1, Joshua Krabbe, 4:31.15.9; 2, Colin Daniels, 4:33.58.9; 3, Peter Roper, 4:35.54.0.

Male 41-50 – 1, Dan Porter, 4:36.02.9; 2, Joffrey Dickenson, 4:36.02.9; 3, Jeff McCook, 4:38.54.9.

Male 51-60 – 1, Kurt Wieck, 4:59.12.4; 2, Greg Shimonek, 5:21.48.1; 3, Billy Simmons, 5:29.49.8.

Male 61-70 – 1, Bill Kellagher 5:29.49.3; 2, Jim Dickerson, 5:48.48.3; 3, George Scott, 5:58.19.7.

71 and over – 1, Tom Dice, 8:11.29.7.



1st Joshua Krabbe, Ft. Collins CO

2nd Colin Daniels, Boulder, CO

3rd Dan Porter, Ft. Collins CO


1st. Kristina Vrouwenvelder, Louisville, CO

2nd Janna Dickerson, Ft. Collins, CO

3rd Emily Houtchins, Lakewood, CO

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