Oregon Trail Days Sand Scuffle results

Kiara Aguallo (left) and Kyla Knight wrestle during the Oregon Trail Days Sand Scuffle on Saturday at Five Rocks Amphitheater in Gering. Aguallo won the division.

The inaugural Oregon Trail Days Sand Scuffle Wrestling Tournament was held Saturday at Five Rocks Amphitheater in Gering.

The results:



Grades 4-6 (65 pounds)

1, Kadence Schamel. 2, Marisol Rodriguez.

Grades 9-12 (100 pounds)

1, Kiara Aguallo. 2, Kyla Knight.


Grades 2-3 (45-65 pounds)

1, Bruno Hernandez. 2, Marisol Rodriguez. 3, Teagan Gorsuch.

Grades 4-5 (75-85)

1, Carsen Malcolm. 2, Kozad Porter. 3, Vincent Bravo. 4, Trell Gorsuch.

Grades 6-7 (74-78)

1, Axton Stone. 2, Cale Pfisterer. 3, Mitchell Reishus.

Grades 6-7 (98-100)

1, Jayden Hakert. 2, Isaiah Murillo. 3, Connelly Ascherl.

Grades 8-9 (128-165)

1, Brasen Hakert. 2, Eli Franklin.

Grades 10-12 (137-150)

1, Nathaniel Murillo. 2, AJ Stone. 3, Jacob Enriquez.

Men’s Open (126-155)

1, Ben Rodriguez. 2, Dean Hakert. 3, Caiden Pfisterer. 4, Keanan Pfisterer.

Men’s Open (150-165)

1, Devontae Gutierrez. 2, Andres Canales. 3, Joshua Cinocco. 4, Jake Stone.

Men’s Open (170-198)

1, Brock Smith. 2, Paul Reishus. 3, JD Stone. 4, Jose Hernandez.

Men’s Open (200-230)

1, Levi Loomis. 2, Cody Ybarra. 3, Alex Ascherl. 4, Tory Rocheleau.

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