Seacats compete well at Kearney

The Seacats Talera Kinsey competes during their dual against Kearney on Friday, Jan. 10.

KEARNEY — The Seacats saw action as a full team for the first time since December when they traveled to Kearney for a dual on Friday, Jan. 10 and an invite on Saturday, Jan. 11.

“The long break proved to make the swimmers hungry to get in the pool and compete. There were many best times and it is a great place to be this point in the season,” Seacat coach John Galindo said.

Galindo said he switched his swimmers events around with good results.

“It is not uncommon for an athlete to discover that they are actually competitive in other strokes they don’t have much experience in,” he said.

In Friday’s meet, Patricia Woolsey took first in the 500 freestyle winning by five seconds with a time of 6:11.9.

TJ Rickey and Jared Galindo placed third and fourth in the boys 500 freestyle with times of 6:05.71 and 6:07.37. Jordan Ramos took seventh for the Seacats.

In the 200 freestyle, Stephanie Woolsey finished in first witha time of 2:12.5. Freshman Kinsey Kleensang took sixth with a time of 2:56.44.

Kennedy Ronne, Binny Canales and Ramos finished fourth, fifth and sixth respectively in the boys 200 freestyle.

In the 200 intermediate, Patricia Woolsey came in second at 2:40.36 and Michele Martinez took fifth at 2:59.18.

In the girls 50 freestyle, the Seacats claimed four of the five tops spots. Alanna Becker ended first, Samantha Galindo was third, Megan Kicken took fourth and Nikki Woodward finished fifth.

Dominick Gray took fourth in the boys 50 freestyle, followed by Maddux Janecek in fifth and Savian Marquez took seventh.

“The relays are getting stronger and we were able to mix things up to find the right combinations,” Galindo said.

The Seacats took second in the 200 Medley relay with Becker, Galindo, Stephanie Woolsey and Patricia Woolsey finish in 2:04.66.

The same girls took first in the 200 freestyle relay with a time of 1:52.99. In the girls 400 freestyle relay, Talera Kinsey, Micken, Hailey Rickey and Martinez claimed first place behind a time of 4:31.72.

The boys took third and fourth in the 200 Medley relay. Jared Galindo, Janecek, Dien Nguyen and Ronne finished in 2:02.58, The team of Canales, Gray, TJ Rickey and Ramos swam in 2:14.65.

Jared Galindo, Nguyen, Ronne and TJ Rickey finished in second in the 400 relay with a timed of 3:58.45.

On Saturday, seven teams from across Nebraska competed. The girls ended fifth and the boys sixth.

“There were many personal best times and it was great to have the competition after a long winter break,” Galindo said.

Hailey Rickey beat her personal best by 8 seconds to finish seventh in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:17.29. Erin Hayhurst took 10th witha time of 2:27.02. Becker finished second in the 200 Intermediate with a time of 2:23.17.

For the boys, Nguyen took 10 and TJ Rickey was 12 in the 200 Intermediate, and Gray finished in 13th.

Stephanie Woolsey finished in 25:88 for second place in the 50 freestyle and TJ Rickey took 12th in the boys race in 25:91.

Stephanie Woolsey continued her success with a second place finish in the 50 freestyle with a time of 25:88. TJ Rickey swam the 50 freestyle in 58.66 for 13th place in the boys race.

Samantha Galindo and Lila Rood took sixth and 12th respectively in the 100 butterfly, Galindo touched in 1:09.94 and Rood in 1:36.35.

In the Boys 100 butterfly, Nguyen swam the course in 1:13.61 just out touching teammate Jared Galindo, 1:13.75, for a eighth and ninth place finish. Hailey Rickey swam for fourth place in 6:09.85 in the girls 100 butterfly. She was followed by Samantha Galindo taking sixth and Erin Hayhurst in 12th. Breckden Holten and Ramos dropped their times and touched 12th and 13th in the boys 500.

Becker took sixth in the 100 backstroke with a 1:08.09 and Kinsey ended 11th with a 1:13.43. Canales, Eric Ferk and Brayden Porter swam the boys 100 backstroke and took 13th, 14th and 16th. In the girls 100 breaststroke, Kicken took 13th at 1:26.03, Martinez 16th at 1:36.64, Kaylee Weinmaster at 1:41.80 and Haley Holzworth at 1:41.81 had a photo finish and took 16th and 17th. Maddux Janecek finished in 1:14.05 and took 10th followed by Dominick Gray touching 16th.

The girls 200 intermediate relay, led by Kinsey, Becker, Samantha Galindo and Stephanie Woolsey, took 5th with a 2:04.38 and the boys took seventh with a 2:02.46 swam by Jared Galindo, Janecek, Nguyen and TJ Rickey. The girls 200 freestyle relay swam by Woodward, Hailey Rickey, Hayhurst and Kinsey finished seventh at 2:00.64 and the boys also ended seventh with a 1:55.54. The girls 400 freestyle relay swam a 4:07.15. Sisters Patricia and Stephanie Woolsey sandwiched Samantha Galindo and Becker and got to the wall second. The boys took fifth in the relay with Jared Galindo, Nguyen, Ronne and TJ Rickey swimming a 3:59.51.

Friday was the last six-dive meet for the season. Now divers move to an 11 dive requirement for meets that lead up to the state meet at the end of February.

“Ironically, we have more divers this year than we have had in the past several years and this year we have no diving board with the closure of the Splash,” Galindo said. “We have been able to travel to Cheyenne and Chadron to practice only a handful of times due to weather and time constraints. With only a few practices our five member dive team has accomplished the impossible and competed with some of the best divers in the state.”

Holzworth, Kicken and Kinsey took fourth, fifth and sixth respectively Friday night at the duel with Kearney, finishing their diving season. For the boys, Tony Calistro took fifth and Jared Galindo took fourth overall.

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