Scottsbluff and area communities were struck by two damage causing hail storms Thursday and early Friday morning.

At about 1:30 a.m. Friday morning, a thunderstorm producing large hail moved through Scottsbluff, coming just less than 10 hours after a previous storm. According to reports on the National Weather Service's Facebook page, hail from marble-sized to baseball-sized was reported by residents.

The storm moved through Goshen County in Wyoming and Morrill and Box Butte counties as well.

The storm likely heightened damages already reported Thursday afternoon. A short-lived but violent hailstorm plowed through Scottsbluff Thursday, leaving damage to homes and vehicles in its path.

The storm traveled through downtown Scottsbluff at about 3:43 p.m. on Thursday. Meteorologist Brandon Wills with the National Weather Service office in Cheyenne said it was only minutes before weather spotter reports started coming in.

The National Weather Service reported that hail from golf ball sized to tennis ball sized were reported. There were some unconfirmed reports of baseball sized hail.  

Meteorologist Brandon Wills with the National Weather Service office in Cheyenne said it was only minutes before weather spotter reports started coming in.

“We had a severe thunderstorm warning out in time,” Wills said. “In the first five to 10 minutes, we had three reports of hail ranging from golf ball size to hen’s egg size, which is 2 inches, the next quarter-inch larger size.”

On the Star-Herald Facebook page, residents were reporting broken windows and siding damage to homes throughout Scottsbluff, with reports on Highland Road, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. At Scottsbluff High School, several students had cars that were battered by the hail, with broken out windshields and rear windows.

Wills said the storm wouldn’t lose intensity as it moved toward Banner County and southwest Morrill County. The storm also moved through Cheyenne County.

However, in Gering and Mitchell, residents were reporting that the storm passed by them with little effect.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne has advised that storms are forecast for Friday. According to its hazardous weather outlook, isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms after noon today, with some storms becoming strong to severe. Main threats will be large hail and strong winds. Strongest storms will generally remain south and east of an Alliance to Cheyenne line.

To stay informed of weather alerts, visit The National Weather Service also referred people to its NWS Enterprise Resources page for information about receiving weather alerts on their mobile phone. Weather alert radios can also be good sources for alerts throughout the day and night.

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