Yesteryears — Oct. 17

10 years ago 

In two years, Gering Public Schools will have to find an extra $1 million for its budget when federal stimulus money runs out.

Gering’s 2009 Homecoming coronation continued despite an early October snowstorm. The court was made up of Queen Emily O’Boyle and King Patrick O’Boyle, first attendants Ashtyn Pehrson and Evan Petit and second attendants Miranda Miles and Dalton Wademan.

The City of Gering is seeking grant money to assist in study of sites for potential redevelopment.

After operating in the world of commerce during the work day, Steve and Becky Morgheim are involved in a gentle, more heartfelt industry in their off hours, helping animal lovers supply their pets’ needs during tough economic times.

Violent crime has been on the rise in the area in recent years, Scotts Bluff County Attorney Tiffany Wasserburger said during this week’s Gering Business Club meeting. She feels there is a dramatic change in values evident in American culture today.

The Gering volleyball team won their second straight Western Conference Tournament Championship.

Gering junior Sabrina King won the Nebraska Class B Girls State Golf Tournament.

20 years ago

A four car accident on Gering’s U Street last week has prompted the city county to investigate how the street can be made safer.

Two new 1999 Chevy Camaro Nebraska State Patrol cars are more than just a pretty ride, the sports cars serve a very distinct purpose. Troopers are hoping the 305 horsepower engines masked by a sleek blue appearance will act as a deterrent for those thinking about running from the law.

The old US Bank building in Gering will soon be home to several county law enforcement agencies. Scotts Bluff County officials, along with their counterparts from Scottsbluff and Gering, have agreed to purchase the building for $580,000.

Last week and this week Gering school students have been taking levels testing, developed from state academic standards.

30 years ago

County commissioners received a petition to create a rural road improvement district in Cornet Heights Additions One, Two and Three at their meeting. Rick Meter, Scotts Bluff County highway supervisor, requested the board refer the petition to his office and the office of the county attorney for two week review since the proposed district would overlay a sanitary improvement district.

Remigio Perales, 34, Scottsbluff, was killed when the potato truck he was driving was struck broadside by a Burlington Northern Railroad freight train.

A misconception was cleared up and a possible solution to the train whistle problem was found at the Gering City Council meeting.

Elaine Meisner and Brian Roberts were married. Rachel Ann Romick and Albert B. Cervantes were also married.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Blackburn observed their 65th wedding anniversary. They were married in Torrington, Wyoming, on Oct. 21, 1924.

40 years ago

Michael Vahs of West Germany is the foreign exchange student living with the Larry Sayles family.

Scotts Bluff Kennel Club sponsored the first sanctioned dog match at the Scotts Bluff County Fairgrounds.

Larry Sauter graduated from National Installment Credit School sponsored by Installment Lending Division of the American Bankers Association.

Nine-year-old Tarsa Bordeaux of Gering won $25 for growing the longest ear of corn in the contest sponsored by the Downtown Plaza in Gering.

50 years ago

Lynn Schenbeck, 18, daughter of Mrs. Fred Schenbeck, remains in serious condition in a Denver hospital with complications from injuries received in an auto accident near Kimball on Sept. 21.

Harry DeRock, Gering assistant chief of police, submitted his resignation from the department.

Four members of the Tan-Da Camp Fire group were awarded their God and Country awards. They were: Mary Robinson, Jerri Lynn Wegelin, Chris Schmeeckle and Kim Hyland.

Applications form five persons for the job of Scotts Bluff County sheriff, replacing Sheriff Dick Smith who resigned, were received.

Robert W. Downer, Banner County clerk and assessor, was elected president of the Nebraska State Assessors Association at the groups annual meeting in Omaha.

60 years ago

Final sugar beet payments brought in an average pay to growers of $14.99 per ton.

The Gering band was awarded its 10th superior rating at Colorado University band day in Boulder, Colorado.

Dr. S.P. Wiley was elected president of the new Nebraska U Panhandle Alumni Association.

Joe Boley of Gering was elected first commander of the newly organized Nile Valley Barracks World War I.

70 years ago

Carl Kelly was showing dwarf cattle at his car lot in Gering.

Leo Feidler of Scottsbluff and Mrs. James Nichol of Mitchell died this week.

Elizabeth Kounovsky and James Moravec were married.

80 years ago

Last payment was made on the 1938 sugar beet crop. The payment brought the average for growers to $5.89 per ton.

Lois Ware and Earl Osborn were married.

R.E. Sheffer, R.E. Neeley, R.C. Bellamy and Warren Missner returned from a 6,000 mile jaunt through the east.

Nancy Ann Roberts, who homesteaded where Bayard now stands, died.

90 years ago

Mrs. L.B. Harrison, 60, of Gering died.

Mrs. Lillie Silvernail was elected as president of the Rebekah, state assembly. Millie Conn and Lola Jellison were named to the state appointive offices.

Cora Belle McHenry and Gaylord Scofield were married.

J. Ned Allison was elected commander of Legion Post No. 36.

W.L. Goldsmith displayed raspberries and strawberries in proof of the chamber of commerce banana belt ballyhoo.

Ed S. Prohs was elected as ground warden of Colorado Grand Lodge IOOF.

100 years ago

Fred Urback and Miss Elfreda Murray, both of Gering, were married.

Milton Burke was killed at the local sugar mill when he fell from the receiving platform at the scale house.

R.J. Schwendiman was successful in drawing a homestead near Deaver, Wyoming.

110 years ago

J.J. Shaffner purchased a site and began the erection of a tile factory.

The post office at Pratt, Wyoming was petitioned to be moved across the line and called Henry, Nebraska.

Contract for 47 miles of Union Pacific grading was let at Denver, expanding from Northport west.

120 years ago

Will Dick was paroled after a brief service on his sentence in Lincoln.

Wm. H. Shawyer attended the state IOOF grand lodge in Lincoln as representative of the Gering Lodge.

130 years ago

The Courier purchased the plant and business of the Minatare Our Home Newspaper from John Dyer.

Aaron B. Crouch, Armastong Simonion, Silas Joff and Nettie Carling advertised for final proof.

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